Confession: I used to be a major shopaholic. I didn’t exercise much self control in the spending department and would use my paycheck to buy #allthethings. Luckily that careless girl is a thing of the past and I am much more responsible now. After I moved in with my husband I realized that I had way too much stuff. I have been on a journey to declutter and simplify… I am challenging myself to use up as many of my current things as I can before buying new!

The other day all of my new found frugality came crashing down on me. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of my oh-so-sexy self in the full length mirror. {insert appalled face here!} My very old, worn in, comfy jammies made me look like I had lost about 100 lbs. They were beyond baggy. Somehow I had failed to notice that I had several holes in my t-shirt. Then to my horror I turned around and saw some little holes in the tush too!! Y’ALL… I was mortified! I’ve only been married for 11 months and still consider myself a newlywed. My poor husband probably thinks I am going to let myself go! Although, you’ve gotta give a girl a break. For my 35 years before we were married, I was used to single-girl jammies!

I knew this just wasn’t going to do. The next morning I shared my findings with my husband. He had totally noticed but is far too sweet to say anything. We both agreed that I could consider those old jammies used up and that it was time for some new ones.

I wanted to share some of my favorite jammies on my wish list.

Jammies - Soma Tunic Pajama Set

Have you ever been into a Soma store? I visited one while searching for items before my wedding last year. I fell in love with their jammies and leggings. This merlot colored set is gorgeous and super soft!

Jammies - Soma Cool Nights Tank/Shorts

Soma also has a line called Cool Nights to help keep you cool while you’re sleeping. I LOVE this because I tend to get very warm in our memory foam bed.

Jammies - Target Women's Pajama Sets - Gilligan & O'Malley™

Every time my husband and I are in Target, he has to steer me away from the jammies department. I could just buy them all! I have been eyeballing these for a while. They come in a lot of fun colors and feel so cozy. They may come home with me yet!

Jammies - Nordstrom Chelsea28 Notch Collar Pajamas

I have seen these floating around for a while. These fulfill my love for all things blush colored, and my desire to own some silky jammies. They’re so glam! The Nordstrom sleepwear department is a wonderful and dangerous place.

Jammies - Victoria's Secret The Dreamer Flannel Pajama

This is the pair I purchased after all my searching. I have always been a fan of the VS pink stripes. I got them on sale with free slippers. You can’t beat that. I already love them! It’s nice to feel cute in my jammies instead of looking like a slob.




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