2017 Reading Challenge

Confession: I am a serious bookaholic. Old books, new books, Kindle books, audio books… I love them any way I can get them.

Near the end of 2016 I shared on Facebook that I had finished nearly 80 books during the year {at that point} and asking my friends how many they had read. You would think by the comments that I lounge around and read all day, every day. If only! My ultimate dream career would be to somehow magically get paid to read all day! But in reality, I often find myself wishing I had more time to read. I do most of my reading from my Kindle after my husband goes to sleep, or listening to audio books while I’m doing housework or driving.

I find that I can spend a lot of time between books trying to figure out what to read next. I have a TBR pile that’s miles long. This year I have a goal to read 85 books. So I decided to make my very own 2017 Reading Challenge. Hopefully because I have made a preset list, that I will spend more time reading and less time searching.

Below are all the categories that I pulled together from various reading challenges I’ve seen over the years. I chose categories for pure enjoyment, to stretch myself as a reader, or for personal development. I feel like I’ve given myself a bit more variety than I might normally read. Some of my favorite genres are classic romances, dystopian, fantasy, and fairy tale retellings. Lately I am also getting more into science fiction. I decided recently to start reading through some Star Wars books… {I fully embrace my geek/fangirl side.} I’m also looking forward to reading more non-romance classics!

I’ll leave you a blank version that you can fill in with your picks for these categories at the end! Click on the link for each book {or the cover below!} to read the synopsis. There are a few To Be Determined because I won’t know until it happens!

Here’s a blank list so that you can fill in your picks! Even if you don’t think you would read 60 books this year, choose a handful and follow along with me. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re reading this year!

  • A book based on a fairy tale
  • A National Book Award winner
  • A YA bestseller
  • A book translated to English
  • A romance set in the future
  • A book set in Europe
  • A New York Times bestseller
  • A book that’s becoming a movie this year
  • A book recommended by someone you just met
  • A self-improvement book
  • A book you can finish in a day
  • A book written by a celebrity
  • A book that’s more than 600 pages
  • A science-fiction novel
  • A book recommended by a family member
  • A graphic novel
  • A book that is published in 2017
  • A book that takes place during Summer
  • A book and its prequel
  • A murder mystery
  • A book written by a comedian
  • A dystopian novel
  • The first book you see in a bookstore
  • A classic from the 20th century
  • An autobiography
  • A book about a road trip
  • A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with
  • A satircial book
  • A book that takes place on an island
  • A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy
  • A book you bought so long ago, but still haven’t read
  • A non-fiction book about something you’ve always wanted to know more about
  • A book from Kindle books you already own
  • A book you never got to read in 2016
  • A book filled to the rim with magic
  • A book of which you liked the movie but haven’t read the book yet
  • A book that makes you want to visit the place it’s set
  • A book that makes you want to be a villain
  • A classic that you never made time for
  • A book with short stories
  • A book with a dark and mysterious cover
  • A marriage book
  • A business book
  • A popular author’s first book
  • A book from an author you love
  • A classic romance
  • A book that became a movie
  • A re-read
  • A book with nonhuman characters
  • A funny book
  • A book at the bottom of your to-read list
  • A book your mom loves
  • A banned book
  • A book set during Christmas
  • A book you started but never finished
  • A series you never finished
  • A Christian fiction novel
  • A historical fiction novel
  • An audio book


Happy reading!


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